We are excited to introduce you to our new podcast series focused on innovative and effective teaching practices. The series will launch soon.

Rebecca: We’re excited to share our new podcast with you. The podcast has grown out of an informal discussion series we host throughout the academic year on our campus on timely topics and issues raised by faculty and staff related to teaching and learning.John: I’m John Kane, a labor economist and econometrician. Most of my research has been in the areas of labor economics, the economics of education, economic education, and forensic economics. I teach a combination of very large introductory courses and smaller upper-level and seminar classes in economics. I’m also a coordinator of the applied mathematical economics program at SUNY-Oswego. I work with Rebecca in running the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Each year we offer several hundred workshops, many of which support our professional development microcrential program for faculty and staff.

Rebecca: I’m Rebecca Mushtare, a graphic designer and installation artist. I primarily teach upper division studio courses including web design, interactive media and our capstone. I have also taught courses with international and domestic travel. Most of my courses are part of the writing across the curriculum program and include community based learning components. I’m also actively involved as the education co-director of the Upstate New York chapter of AIGA, which is the professional association for design.

John: In future episodes we’ll examine effective practices through informal discussions with practitioners. While our focus will be primarily on higher ed, most of the topics are relevant at all levels of education.

John: Our first episode will be released later today.

Rebecca: Or maybe later this month or semester.

John: It will be Coming soon!

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